When Should I Replace my Rope Seals?

The rope that runs around the edge of a stove door or the viewing glass is an integral part of the stoves performance, creating a seal to prevent excess air being pulled into the fire chamber causing an uncontrollable burn rate. And as this is put under constant stress by opening and closing of the door and extreme temperatures, it will need replacing regularly, ideally annually.

A good indicator that your rope seals are failing is if you experience smoke pouring out or if the fire becomes uncontrollable or is over-firing. Luckily, similar to replacing stove glass, rope seals are straight forward to replace and at Replacement-Glass.com, we supply everything needed for this.

Heat Resistant Stove Rope

We provide a wide range of diameters of fibreglass, soft-weave stove rope suitable for use with all woodburning and multifuel stoves or any high temp. application up to 1250°C. These are available by the metre, 25m drum or as a handy Rope and Adhesive Kit.

Heat Resistant Adhesive

Available in 30ml or 125ml bottles, white or black, this faster setting adhesive is suitable for all heat resisting applications up to 1250°C and is perfect for adhering all rope seals.

  1. Heat Resistant Rope Adhesive is a thinner consistency than standard glues and so give the  bottle a shake before opening.
  2. Ideally, remove the stove door from the stove and place on a flat surface.
  3. Apply the adhesive into the channel and place the new rope into the groove without stretching or bunching. It’s best to butt together the two ends of the rope at the bottom of the door.
  4. Clamp the rope into place with tape or pegs for a full 24 hours to allow the adhesive to cure sufficiently before securing the door back onto the stove.

Ordering Replacement Rope Seals

You may be able to find the diameter/width of rope seals your stove uses in the user manual or online but not to worry if this information isn’t available. Whilst the existing rope is not stretched or bunched, simply measure its width to ascertain the diameter rope required. Typically this is 8mm-12mm but could of course be thinner or wider. Then select your glue in white or black (both perform equally well) and away you go.

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