Is It Safe to Use a Stove with Cracked Glass?

We’ve covered reasons stove glass can crack and how to easily replace it in other articles, but is it safe to continue using a wood burner if the glass is damaged? The main point to bear in mind is that your solid fuel stove, be it wood burning or multifuel, is a closed heating appliance. […]

Cleaning Stove Glass

The joy of a woodburning stove is losing yourself in the mesmerising, dancing flames but what can you do when your view is ruined by blackened glass? Here we look at how best to keep the glass clean and how to clean it once it becomes blackened. The main causes for stove glass to blacken […]

Heat Proof Stove Glass Explained

Toughened, tempered, ceramic, laminated, heat resistant… Who knew there were so many types of glass? They may all look identical but due to how they are produced, they provide varying characteristics making many unsuitable for use in your woodburning stove. What Exactly is Stove Glass? Well, to begin with, it isn’t actually glass but rather […]

When Should I Replace my Rope Seals?

The rope that runs around the edge of a stove door or the viewing glass is an integral part of the stoves performance, creating a seal to prevent excess air being pulled into the fire chamber causing an uncontrollable burn rate. And as this is put under constant stress by opening and closing of the […]

When Should I Replace my Stove Glass?

Cracked, shattered or crazed glass can be caused by a few common factors: But we are here to help! We supply precision cut glass for any stove model (either pre-cut or custom made for you) and our helpful guide will take you through replacing your stove’s glass step by step. Ordering Replacement Stove Glass At […]

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