Heat Proof Stove Glass Explained

Toughened, tempered, ceramic, laminated, heat resistant… Who knew there were so many types of glass? They may all look identical but due to how they are produced, they provide varying characteristics making many unsuitable for use in your woodburning stove.

What Exactly is Stove Glass?

Well, to begin with, it isn’t actually glass but rather highly polished, transparent ceramic. But why not use heat resistant glass? Although there are heat resistant or toughened glass available, they simply cannot withstand the temperatures of a solid fuel stove such as your woodburner as they tend to have a maximum resistance of only around 250°C and would shatter when in close proximity to a roaring fire. Ceramic glass on the other hand can withstand temperatures in excess of 1200°C and will be hardly blemished by a roaring fire, let alone crack or shatter making it the perfect product for your stove.

Is Ceramic Glass Toughened?

Thanks to the process glass goes through to either become toughened or high heat resistant, the two cannot go hand in hand. To temper or toughen glass, it is repeatedly and rapidly heated and cooled whereas to achieve high heat resistance, the glass must be cooled slowly meaning you can have toughened or high heat resistant glass but not both.

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